We’re Dreaming BIG!

Well, 2023 has started, and since we know Jesus was willing to humbly beg His Father for things, we’re going to do the same! For Hands & Feet of JESUS, Inc. that means dreaming big.

Last year we were able to get some amazing projects and events going but we really want to “Live the Label” this year! That means we want to accomplish infinitely and indescribably more to help our community.

While it’s true that 2022 provided us the ability to serve hundreds of people, this year we want to reach thousands upon thousands with the immeasurable love of Jesus. That means tons more Freesales and Love Booth opportunities. It also means initiating our Pop-up Provision Trailer in low income neighborhoods and trailer parks.

We need all the help we can get to achieve the dreams God has laid on our hearts!

As it stands, Hope Children’s Home received $500 from us to support their mission to care for abused and neglected children. That seems like a menial amount, but it was because of people donating to our two Freesales and Love Booths (where everything is free) that we were able to give them something at all. Certainly we can definitely do better, with your help! In truth, we want to give them $50,000 this year! Told you, we are dreaming BIG!

Additionally, we helped some indigent people get into rental properties and purchase RV homes. These are hard times for a lot of people. So whenever we can get them off, or keep them off, the streets we get excited and praise God for His provision!

For years we’ve dreamed of providing shower stations for homeless people so they can get work. And this year we want to make sure that happens. Thankfully, our Freesales can also provide them with work attire and shoes.

Since we started our clothing brand, this is a perfect chance for you to help us help people. Plus you get cool shirts or hoodies that initiate conversation! Don’t miss out on those opportunities to be the hands and feet wherever you live. We’d like to see thousands of you wearing designs that point people to the Savior, another BIG dream. Buying our shirts goes directly to supporting our mission.

Of course, these are only a few things we want to do this year. But here’s a list of some of our other BIG dreams:

  • Love Booths at area craft shows
  • Mission trips
  • Start a discipling school (K-12)
  • Buy a standalone Freesale store
  • Load the Pop-up Provision trailer
  • Pay for more people to get into homes/apartments
  • Give cars to, or repair cars for, needy families
  • Start a mobile clothes closet for kids at disadvantaged schools
  • Support more children’s homes
  • Support women’s shelters

There’s more, of course, but at least you can see where our hearts are in this. So, if you have a heart for people and want them to feel the love of Jesus, like we do, please consider donating (the button is at the bottom of the page) or purchase some of our shirts. And share, share, share, the incredible work we are doing with everyone you know!

Thank you so much, in advance, for helping make 2023 the year BIG dreams come true for us and all the people we serve. We need you and they need Him!