Why are we here?

Have you ever asked yourself this question (changing the we, to I, of course)? Maybe you have never been in a place where you lacked direction or a feeling of purpose, but most of us have been there. We’ve wondered what we’re even doing here on this planet. “What’s the point?” We’ve asked ourselves.

This question provokes us to make serious decisions about our lives and the paths we take.

Sadly, if we answer this question incorrectly, it can not just be detrimental, it can be deadly! It’s this self same question that prompts people to despair of life. All kinds of people, not just the homeless, or disadvantaged. All kinds of people!

So, if one question can decimate, then one answer can rejuvenate.

Jesus is the answer. Period.

Why are we here? Jesus. To live is Christ and to die is gain.

What’s the point? Jesus. He came to give life, and that more abundantly.

Who cares if I’m here or not? Jesus. He loved you enough to die for you.

All those ouch kinds of questions running around in your head can be stopped and stilled with one Word, the Word, Jesus!

Do you not understand, you are not your own, you were bought with a price? Jesus! He was the price for your soul. And God loved you so much He was willing to pay for you with His very life in the flesh, Jesus!

Now that we have that understood, the “we” part of the question is in reference to this ministry. But the answer is the same, Jesus!

Ken Callwood has a powerful testimony. Our resident missionary has a powerful testimony. Breanna Coleman has a powerful testimony. These Jesus freaks encompass a threefold ministry focused on- Homeless Outreach, Community Outreach, and Creative Mentoring.

Without sharing their individual testimonies, or even the contents of them (at least not yet), we can assure you that all the ouches in your life will bear resemblance to something they’ve endured. Yes, even suicide attempts and heinous abuses (oops, guess we’ve shared some🤣).

We’ve asked the hard questions and we know the answer to be Jesus because we’re all still living and breathing.

So, we’re here to live like, look like, and love like, Jesus. Are we perfect? No! Do we do and say stupid things sometimes? Yes! But we are loved by Jesus, even then, and so are you! It’s our desire to show you how loved you are, where you are, right now, no matter what sin you might be committing at this very moment! Yep, you read that right!

Jesus died for you while you were yet a sinner. You don’t have to run from Him because you feel your life is too dirty. You don’t have to hide from Him until you feel cleaned up enough to go to Him. You can truly come as you are. He’s loved you this whole time and His angels are waiting to rejoice at your homecoming!

Come home, oh sinner, come home. Jesus always leaves the porchlight on!