Hands & Feet of JESUS, Inc.

We are a nonprofit (501c3) ministry located in Plant City, FL. Our mission is to be the hands & feet of JESUS wherever He sends us. Currently our focal points are those who are vulnerable. This means we Feed and Clothe the Homeless and meet the needs of others in our community as well, through our sister ministry, No-Parameters, which provides: Freesales, Classes, Creative Endeavors, Mentoring, Publishing, and Love Booths.

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Go. Send. Disobey.

Why should you buy our products? Well, this is one way we are able to do the things we do for the itty bitty community of Plant City. We understand that just giving money to any organization, nonprofit or otherwise, can be a little challenging. You don’t really know where …

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Make Him Smile

With No-Parameters, Tuesday nights are our ladies’ Bible Exploration class. It’s a time of iron sharpening iron and it’s beautiful and refreshing! Tonight’s time was no different, beyond the extra sweetness that took place. We started off praying for the people who were heavy on our hearts, personally. Then we …

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Why are we here?

Have you ever asked yourself this question (changing the we, to I, of course)? Maybe you have never been in a place where you lacked direction or a feeling of purpose, but most of us have been there. We’ve wondered what we’re even doing here on this planet. “What’s the …

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You made it! Thank you for visiting our site! The Hands & Feet of JESUS, Inc. is devoted to serving our Lord, Jesus. We want to always be about His business in every endeavor we undertake. Initially we were created for the purpose of meeting the needs of the homeless …