At the Hands & Feet of JESUS, Inc. we endeavor to do great things in our “itty bitty Plant City” community. We feed and clothe the homeless. We give things away in our Freesales and our Love Booth. We visit people in hospitals and those who are homebound or in nursing homes. We offer free art and classic skills classes.

These are only the things we are doing right now. But our dreams are far greater and even further reaching. Yet, to do all the things, we need your support. While we are happy to accept your donations and welcome them with joy, we also want to provide you with tangible goods as you contribute to our mission. So, please shop our various links to clothing, products, and books. And share everywhere you can. Word of mouth is always best!

Together we can actively live as the Hands & Feet of JESUS. After all, it’s what we’re here for.😁